Burhan Sili, President of Alanya Touristic Operators Association, said, “We care about the tourism sector working in harmony with government institutions and other stakeholders.”

Turkish Hoteliers Federation (TÜROFED) Board Member and Alanya Touristic Operators Association (ALTID) President Burhan Sili and accompanying ALTID Board members, Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University (ALKÜ) Rector Prof.Dr.Kenan Ahmet Türkdoğan, Chief Physician of ALKU Training and Research Hospital Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Güler and Alanya District Gendarmerie Commander Major Hüseyin Direk visited.
Providing information about the visits, President Sili said, “The tourism sector plays an important role in the economic growth of a country or region, creating employment, sustainable environmental conditions and social development. This important sector is not only limited to attracting tourists and providing services, but is the result of cooperation and coordination between a range of stakeholders and government agencies. As ALTID management, we attach great importance to the fact that the tourism sector works in harmony with other stakeholders and government institutions. As in previous years, we will maintain our elbow contact by signing joint works with all stakeholders. We wish our representatives success in their new duties.


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