website construction prices

website construction prices website construction prices
Ücret: 2,000 ₺
Servis Ücreti: 1,200 ₺ / hr
İletişim: WhatsApp
Durumu: Aktif
İletişim: +905345427277
Garanti: Limited

Factors affecting website construction prices

Factors affecting website prices are as follows:

Type of website: The website can be an e-commerce site, a blog site, a corporate site or any other type. Different types of websites have different costs.
The scope of the website: How many pages the website has, what features and functions it contains, affects website prices.
Website features: If the website has a special design, special functions or a special infrastructure, this also affects website prices.
Technologies used for the website: The complexity and cost of the technologies used for the website affect website prices.

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